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Prior to listing

1988 VDS established

1991 RFB established

1993 QSA established

1994 PostNet established

1996 United Bulk established

Listing in 2000

OneLogix lists on the main board of the JSE


VDS acquired by OneLogix

Net profit attributable to shareholders: R9,5 million (May 2001 year-end)


Ian Lourens appointed as CEO, Cameron McCulloch as CFO and Neville Bester as Executive Director

Commencement of disposal and closure of GoLogix Distribution, GoLogix Courier, ThinkLogix, DotLogix and other loss making businesses

Net loss attributable to shareholders: (R31,9 million)

Atlas Panelbeaters established


Net loss attributable to shareholders: (R18,0 million)

R10,0 million rights issue at 10 cents per share

Magscene established


OneLogix transfers to AltX

Repurchase of approximately 84 million shares from CorpCapital at 12,5 cents per share

Shares cancelled, plus a further repurchase of 4,5 million shares as a result of mandatory offer to shareholders (shares taken up by new shareholder, Java Capital)

Net profit attributable to shareholder: R8,2 million

Group commences growth and diversification strategy, spearheaded by entry into local auto logistics market by VDS

Acquisition of controlling interest in 4Logix


25% of OneLogix (Pty) Ltd acquired by a B-BBEE Staff Trust and Izingwe Capital

Appointment of Sipho Pityane as Chairman of OneLogix Group and Tsakani Matshazi as non-executive director

Net profit attributable to shareholders: R13,1 million


Substantial upgrading of VDS fleet and expansion of infrastructure

Net profit attributable to shareholders: R15,4 million


Acquisition of Press Support and 60% of Magscene

Net profit attributable to shareholders: R19,0 million

OneLogix Trucklogix established within the group


Cameron McCulloch appointed as Group Chief Operating Officer

Geoff Glass appointed as Chief Financial Officer

Net profit attributable to shareholders: R28,6 million


Acquisition of RFB Logistics

Disposal of interest in 4Logix

Net profit attributable to shareholders: R20,4 million


Acquisition of Atlas Panelbeaters

Disposal of Press Support, Media Express and minority interest in Internet Express

Acquire additional 20% share in Magscene. Total shareholding now 80%

Share repurchase and subsequent cancellation of 8 million shares (shares in issue now 202 131 285)

Establishment of OneLogix Projex within the group

Net profit attributable to shareholders: R34,7 million

Maiden capital distribution paid

Tsakani Matshazi left Izingwe and subsequently resigned as non-executive director of OneLogix.

Replaced by Ashley Ally with Debrah Hirschowitz as an alternate director

OneLogix Group recognised as top performing share price on AltX for the 2010 year

OneLogix Group wins the prestigious AltX Performance Award (African Access National Business Awards)


Net profit attributable to shareholders of R39,6 million

Conversion of shares held by the BEE consortium in OneLogix (Pty) Ltd to shares in OneLogix Group Limited. This resulted in Izingwe Capital (Pty) Ltd and an employee BEE trust holding 10,25% (23 750 000 shares) and 2,56% (5 937 500 shares), respectively in OneLogix Group Limited.

The total issued number of OneLogix Group Limited shares now stands at 231 818 785 shares


The company entered into a share repurchase programme resulting in the purchase of 223 550 shares. The total number of issued shares now stands at 231 595 235 shares

Lesego Judith Sennelo was appointed as an independent non-executive director to the OneLogix Group board of directors Net profit attributable to shareholders of R53,7 million

The company purchased a 55% shareholding in Quasar Software Developments (Pty) Ltd (trading as QSA) effective 1 June 2012.

The company sold Magscene to Caxton, a Media (Publishing) company listed on the JSE, with effect from 1 October 2012

The company purchased a 60% shareholding in United Bulk, a specialist bulk liquid transporter, for R55,0 million, with effect 1 December 2012

The company acquired a 40% stake in Drive Report, a specialist service provider of solutions for driver management to the logistics industry, for R20,0 million, with effect 10 December 2012


Joe Modibane, an independent non-executive director sadly passed away on 23 February

On 18 June 2013 OneLogix moved onto the Main JSE Board

The company purchased a 51% shareholding in Madison Freight Lines SA (Pty)Ltd (trading as Madison) effective 1 October 2013

OneLogix Linehaul established effective 1 November 2013

At a General Meeting held on 12 December 2013, a special resolution approving the repurchase of all 23 750 000 OneLogix shares held by Izingwe Holdings (PTY) Ltd, was unanimously approved. These shares have since been cancelled and delisted


Effective end May 2014, the company acquired 69,5 % shareholding in Andre Niemand (renamed as OneLogix Projex Cargo Solutions)

June 2014, the company purchases a 14 hectare tract of land for development of group infrastructure in KwaZulu-Natal

End May and June 2014, the company acquires minority shareholder interests in OneLogix Projex, OneLogix OneLogix Trucklogix and OneLogix United Bulk

Mid July 2014 Ashley Ally resigns from the Board of Directors, Andrew Brooking steps down from the Audit and Risk Committee and Deborah Herschowitz appointed as a non-executive director and member of the Audit and Risk Committee

August 2014 Andrew Brooking resigns as non-executive director

The company acquired an additional 9% of DriveRisk and settled an outstanding contigent liability

End November 2014 the company created a vehicle facilitating a 10 % staff shareholding and 5 % management shareholding in OneLogix Group Limited

Early December 2014 Kagiso Capital (Pty) Ltd, a wholy owned subsidiary of Kagiso Charitable Trust is announced as the new BEE partner for the Group

Mid December 2014 Group announces the disposal of its 100% shareholding in PostNet Holdings (Pty) Ltd


Mid January 2015 Atlas 360 acquires Taurus Bulbar operations

Late January 2015 Anuradha Sing is appointed as a non-executive director of the OneLogix Group Limited Board

In March 2015, official opening of R130 Million phase one Onelogix Logistics Hub in KwaZulu-Natal

Effective April 2015, the company acquires 74% shareholding in Jackson and Buffelshoek

With Effect July 2015 Onelogix Projex Cargo Solutions renamed as Onelogix Cargo Solutions

Effective July 2015 Commencement of 85 million Phase two Onelogix Logistics Hub

Late August 2015 Debra Herschowitz and Annurada Singh resigned as non executive directors as were replaced by Bridgitte Matthews and Kgotso Schoeman respectively.

Effective 1 September the company acquires a fully functional vehicle depot in Port Elizabeth


On 1 September, OneLogix concluded a related party transaction by acquiring a further 26% shareholding in United Bulk for R30.5 million, settled by the issue of 5.8 million fully paid up OneLogix shares. OneLogix now owns 100% of United Bulk

With effect 1 October, OneLogix executed the unconditional acquisition of specialist liquid bulk logistics company, Vision, for a cash consideration of R100.0 million. Vision trades under the OneLogix United Bulk brand name

With effect 1 October, OneLogix acquires a 74.2% interest in Cryogas for a cash consideration of R5.5 million. Cryogas trades under the OneLogix United Bulk brand name

During October, OneLogix re-awarded 'Top Employer' status as well as 'Best Performer- Logistics Industry'

During November, OneLogix achieved 10th place in the prestigious Sunday Times Top 100companies survey

During December, an additional 24% interest in Madison was acquired for a cash consideration of R5.0 million. The resultant 75% holding paved the way for the merger of the OneLogix Projex and Madison businesses, and the acquisition of the remaining 25% of Madison from the non-controlling shareholder in exchange for shares in Projex. Following the merger, OneLogix owns 86.9% of OneLogix Projex and the balance held by Projex management.


During January, Phase 2 of the OneLogix Logistics Hub was transferred to the group

OneLogix VDS was awarded the prestigious 'Superior Service' award for 2015 by Toyota South Africa in April

The Investment Analysts Society of South Africa presents OneLogix with the award for 'Best Results Presentation for companies below R5.0 billion Market Capitalisation'

During June 2017, purchased an additional 5,16% of OneLogix Projex for an amount of R4,6 million, increasing its holding to 92,06%

August 2017, disposed of a minority interest in DriveRisk for R69,7 million

During August 2017, presented by the Investment Analysts Society with "Best Reporting and Communications, Industrial Services section winner" award, and re-awarded with ‘Best Presentation for companies with a market capitalisation below R5 billion' award

During October, OneLogix is re-awarded 'Top Employer' status as well as 'Best Performer – Logistics Industry'

During October 2017 purchased an additional 8% of OneLogix Buffelshoek for R2,8 million thereby increasing its holding to 82%

October 2017, sale and leaseback of OneLogix Logistics Hub in Kwa-Zulu Natal which realised R240 million

During October 2017 to January 2018, purchased 5 205 540 of its own shares for R15,8 million which were subsequently cancelled

Lebogang Mosiane appointed as an alternate non-executive director to Kgotso Schoeman (a non-executive director) during November 2017

During December 2017 completed the Denne Road development in Brakpan which now hosts the OneLogix Linehaul head office and OneLogix Projex Gauteng depot

VDS acquires and fully incorporates CCA (Car Carriers Africa) into its operation during March.


During January 2018, purchased 100% of Siyaduma and incorporated it into OneLogix CVDS

During February 2018, purchased a property in Pomona and during June completed the development and incorporation of the site into the existing OneLogix VDS Pomona site

During April 2018 OneLogix Trucklogix becomes the new name for OneLogix CVDS


Commencement Umlaas Phase III Development

Lesego Sennelo, an independent non-executive director, is appointed as Chairman of OneLogix Group Limited in May after Sipho Pityana steps down from the position

Innocentia Pule joins the OneLogix Group Limited board as an independent non-executive director in late November


Worldwide Covid-19 lockdown commences end March

Andy Arde, Managing Director of Onelogix TruckLogix, assumes a new role as CEO of a newly formed cluster - the Abnormal Logistics Cluster - comprising of Onelogix Trucklogix and Onelogix Projex

Morne Nel, erstwhile Managing Director of Atlas 360 joins United Bulk (UB) as their new Managing Director early in June, and leads the company in a rigorous restructuring process in order to improve productivity and market prospects

Arno Zwarts is appointed Commercial Director of Atlas 360

Early in December, OneLogix acquires a 100% interest in Agritrans , based in Frankfort Free State, in order to extend its reach into the agricultural equipment logistics sector. Agritrans added to the Abnormal Logistics Cluster.

Simultaneously, Andy Arde assumes the position of CEO of Agritrans. Andy is now the CEO of Trucklogix, Projex and Agritrans, a cluster within the groups Abnormal Logistics segment

Mid December, OneLogix concludes a sale and leaseback agreement that includes the recently completed Umlaas Road 3 extension (the single largest capital investment undertaken by the group to date) as well as Umlaas Road phases 1 and 2


In February, Arno Zwarts is appointed Managing Director of Atlas 360 while Quinton Roos assumes the role of Managing Director of OneLogix Trucklogix