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Onelogix wishes all South Africans health and safety during this uncertain time.

Purpose, vision and values


OneLogix companies will provide world-class logistics and related services to the Southern African region.


Each of the companies within the group aims to be the supplier of preference to its respective market in recognition of its product quality and customer service excellence.



We operate at the highest level of which we are capable.


A world-class organisation demands interdependence, so we don’t let the team down.


We mean and do what we say. This means straight dealing and professional conduct. We don’t tolerate corruption.


We regard every person we deal with as an individual deserving of dignity and courtesy.


We accept personal responsibility for our actions.

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct, which expresses how each of us is expected to behave, is an important document that underpins the culture at OneLogix.

To remind you, the OneLogix Code of Conduct is as follows:

  • At all times conduct business with integrity, mutual respect and professionalism, in order to enhance the company’s reputation.
  • To exhibit zero tolerance for any form of corruption, unethical business practice and behaviour that contravenes a law, regulation or accepted norms of society.
  • To avoid any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may unduly compromise an ability to act in the company’s best interests.
  • To ensure independence from any business organisation, or any other third parties, that have contractual relationships with any of the OneLogix companies.
  • To refuse gifts, hospitality or any other favours from third parties, in return for any kind of favour, service or treatment. In the event that any such offerings are made, they may only be accepted with the explicit sanction of the Managing Director of the company, or any of the OneLogix group directors.
  • To desist from direct or indirect discriminatory practices.
  • Support the process of sustainable and real transformation.
  • Safeguard the use of the company’s assets for legitimate purposes only, and always act in a manner that extends the longevity of the asset.
  • Protect the confidentiality of company information.
  • At all times implement and adhere to effective systems of internal control which are designed to meet the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Subscribe to and act in accordance with sound health, safety and environmental practices.
  • Generally, apply good corporate governance and high ethical standards in all instances.